Thursday, September 22, 2022

Marlene Sent Me These Old Photos


She said "someone" has really grown up since this picture was taken. Awww. My 3 Sweethearts. She likely gets these on her Facebook feed as "memories". I don't do any social media, but I've seen where this does happen (for folks who do have it). 

 Mary was singing in in a children's choir at mom's church. I believe one of us snapped this picture from what was playing on the computer when we watched a replay. Not certain...but look at her peeking around that cute little boy.
The advice someone gave my girls years ago when they were in these little choir musicals: If you don't know the words (b/c you don't speak much English)...just mouth 'watermelon, watermelon'!"
Good advice.

Mary’s Vision to Train a Therapy Dog

 Oh. I do believe Mary has a dream in her heart, and although she wants a farm with horses...this one is very, very intense with her.
She spent a long time telling me how she is working on her conversational skills and not being bashful/shy when speaking to others in public.
Trust Me: She can talk a blue streak with folks she knows well, but she and I have had some serious talks about how she desires to share her thoughts, opinions, beliefs with others MORE freely.
This is the scripture on top of her money jug...for saving up for a dog.

We attended an event a few weeks ago where special needs folks were paired with a Buddy for the evening - someone who stayed with them, helped them play games, etc. Well..Mary and I TOOK special needs folks to the event, but Mary did have the opportunity to meet an older girl who was there to be a Buddy, but there was no one to match her with.
She and Mary just sat and talked for quite a while.
Mary told me how she was a bit nervous and how she thought of ways to engage the girl in conversation by asking her some questions.

Marlene was there. Mary said when Mary came over to them, it made her feel more at ease to have a friend. It began to dawn on her how there are people who can benefit from having someone/something around them to help them be at ease in particular situations.

Moral of this story: She wants to train a therapy dog so she can go visit with special needs people and/or older folks in nursing homes.
She honestly feels that the Lord is speaking to her heart to do this.

I've been amazed at how articulate Mary has been when explaining her vision/dream to me.
She is a deep thinker. That's for sure.
After much research, she feels a Golden Retriever would likely be suitable to her mission.

So...we prayed and I told her I'd listen to her plans, pray with her, and stand with her as she listened to the Lord to seek His will about all of this. I did not say yes or no. I want her to use her faith to find out the Lord's plan for her life. I'll undergird her and support her, but she grasps how the scriptures she's learned are NOW promises to stand on - to get the wisdom of God, to seek His provision for helping her.
She's thinking she could foster an older rescue Golden Retriever (yeah right....foster...a.k.a. keep forever/care for) and use that time to not only help an aging dog but learn the ropes of a Golden Retriever's personality.
Thus...the drawings of GR's that she sketched out on a whiteboard.

I don't have the heart to tell her that Theropy Dog is really Therapy Dog. She'll discover that in time and likely change the "o" to an "a". She's already covered the yellow paper - top to bottom and side to side -with packing tape, so it's technically laminated.

She seems to sense the purpose in her goal...and even said she felt a "ray of happiness" in her heart when she talked the Lord about all of this. 

We shall see.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Aunt LuLu - Paw on Puddin’s Tail

I can just hear LuLu’s thought,
“Simmer down’”

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The Girls at a Kinesiology Meeting and Today's Lunch

Molly and Emily went to this meeting where current PT students are talking to undergraduates - all about the process of being focused and prepared for interviews. This, of course, will be down the road for Emily and Molly...but it seems the info was SUPER and incredibly enlightening. The themes were: being a team player and problem solver, defining professionalism in all that you do, serving your community and how your experiences have impacted you personally...

...and then there's lunch from their school's cafeteria.
Cauliflower dish with sweet potato casserole.
Alrighty then.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Cypress Knees...Mary was Learning About them in Science

I saw some on Saturday and took a photo.


Pampered Pets. That's for Sure.

Mary placed Peanut in his bed on a rug in the bedroom where we stay at my weekend job...but on a floatie that goes in the swimming pool. It's cute, huh? She's really creative.

We call him our Little Burrito Boy...wrapped up in his dog bed.

I got this photo in a text the other night from Emily. I was at work, but the girls came home for the weekend and were having Family Night with Nanny Carol.
The caption for the photo said, "Punkin' is having a 'time in'."

Mom said she sat just like this for a long time.
That is one silly looking cat.
I told Mary, tonight, that I'm gonna call her O.F.C.
One Fortunate Cat.


Doesn't Everyone Take Photos of Vintage Bathroom Tiles?

Mary and I went to the restroom on the 2nd floor of mom's church...the church I grew up in. We'd been sitting in the church library on that same floor. Anyhoo - I was telling Mary that I "grew up" in this bathroom back in the 1960's. I'm sure I used all of them on all of the floors. 
I pretty much figure this is the same tile floor (above) and tile on the walls (below). There are some updated modifications - the lights come on upon movement of someone entering.
That ain't no 1960 bathroom feature.
I love looking at the tiles above and how that repeated color and shape pattern could teach a child so much -
math concept of area and perimeter
art concept of inserting the dark brown tile in specific spots
squares and rectangles rotating and sliding
so, so much

These are just the wall tiles.
I won't bore anyone with all the math concepts I've taught with just a photo like this very one.
ex. How many squares do you see?
expected answer (considering the tiles that are "cut off" are counted as a full square) = 20-ish
But what about 4 tiles making a larger square?
How about 3 square across, 3 down, 3 over, 3 up?

I honestly did not take these photos because of their educational possibilities.
I love vintage, and that's just what these are.
Vintage tiles - and I have a connection with them from my past.
So there. I'm done.


Friday, September 16, 2022

Punkin' Taking a Bath During Math Class - The Photos are Actually Two Different Ones

Little Rascal seems to wanna put herself in "kitty-garten". I told her she's not even out of nursery school. She doesn't know her numbers, nuthin'. 
SO - she joins Mary for class but spends her time bathing, licking, placing appendages in critical spots on Mary's workbook.

So even tho' this picture looks almost the same, you'll notice Punkin's face is tilted down a bit.
More tongue-licking-the-paw action...
all while Mary's learning long division.

Oreo in the Grasses

Look at this sweet fella hiding out in the grasses. I love how he's making himself home in the backyard...eating, drinking, napping.
He still will not let anyone touch him or get too close to him.
That's okay.
We're getting closer to him all the time, tho'.
We're being patient. He is, too.

These are Toy Horses That Mary Staged

This is one of Mary's little hobbies. Taking her toy horses and staging them in outside scenarios. She's pretty good at it.

This one is on a little darker than the photo below - but interesting.

So the dirt, mound, etc. is actually not very big (cuz the toy horses are small).

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mary is Really Good with Our Senior Boy!

She's good to walk him, feed him, and just generally help oversee his happiness and contentment.
I, personally, think she'd be a good fit to work with a therapy dog - where she could help train/work with one to take to facilities - nursing homes, etc. 

She did watch a show recently called Canines for Christ where folks did just this very thing, and was absolutely enthralled. 
This may be something that we look into for the future. 
We'll pray about it and see.


A Little Somebody Wanted to Be Released from the Time Out Room

 I'm sure we were trying to eat dinner or something when Little Bit got into a tad of mischief. to the girls' bedroom. 

We've been placing Punkin' on the gray blanket at the end of Molly's bed.
Tim Hawkins, a comedian, was joking about The -- in her formal British accent -- she gives firm warnings to these misbehaving kids.
So, we started saying - with our southern British accents (yeah, right) - that Punkin had to go to the "Naughty Mat"...which is Molly's blanket, but the door has to be shut.
Sometimes Punkin' merely goes to sleep on the blankie, but this time she was wanting to spring that joint and get back in on the mischievous action.

The Big Girls Went Walking and Sent Me These Pictures

I love a lamp post! Very Narnia-ish-y! But this one is a  tad too LED for me. I prefer the amber light bulbs for decoration, but no one in this little town called and asked my opinion. Lovely surroundings, don't you think?

Well…love the sound of a fountain, too. 

Fall is on the horizon.
The tree is obviously heading into its glorious state, but the sunset on the building in the background is a good indicator of the change of seasons.

 I'm thrilled the girls thought to snap some pictures and send to me. I've taught them well! It's just what I would've done.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

VBS Color Competition - Back in the Summer

Mary went with Nola, Grace, and Birdie to VBS...and I don't think I ever posted these photos. I thought they turned out sorta pretty considering the color dust in the air.

One round of the competition the kids would throw green then obviously they threw pink dust.
I'm not remembering HOW they got their colors...possibly in little paper cups. 
I'll have to ask Mary.

 Some kids wore little rain parkas if they didn't want their clothes colored. 

Mary had her face painted, and this artist happens to be one of the "China Moms". Her daughter, from China, is in college now.

This is a photo of the sidewalk at the church.

Gosh. We didn't do these kind of activities when I went to VBS as a child.
We probably cut out pictures and glued them onto a printed scene on the paper.
However, I always loved VBS.

 The girls had a wonderful time and the church staff went all out to make it a wonderful experience. They fed them super great dinners before the event started each night. I was very appreciative of all they did...and chatted up the pastor's wife to let her know.

Wrote Compassion International and Asked Them for Earlier Photos of Twijukye

Bless his heart.
I believe this was the photo on the information card that we received when we signed up to sponsor our little buddy.
Look at the chest poked out and his shoes not velcroed.

I did email Compassion Int'l asking them for his earlier photos. 
I've HAD this photo at some point in time, and we even have framed pics of him; however, I couldn't seem to put my hands on Twijukey's "baby picture" I call it.

That's our boy.

Attended a Baby Shower for One of Mary's Former Teachers

...but it wasn't the teacher's baby.
It was her grandbaby.
We love Eileen. She's seasoned and experienced and really good with children.
She was so patient with Mary and always assisted her any way she could.
Eileen has a good sense of humor and sarcasm, too. I just love her.

The theme for the shower was sunflowers. I've about determined that these are some happy daisies and zinnias...and every other flower that God created. 

We all ate, chatted, played games.
I tasted a pumpkin creme Oreo for the first time ever. One of the new mom's favorite flavors. 
Uh...I'm good staying with the chocolate ones with white creme. Actually I don't NEED any Oreo with any creme filling. 
The topic of conversation turned to pumpkin season - pumpkin everything.
I said, "For crying out loud people. It's AUGUST!"
I was kidding. 

At the shower, I met a good friend of Eileen's whose name is the same as mine.
She asked, "How do you spell your name?"
I said, "The correct way."

I dunno. I was on a smart aleck roll. 

We love to celebrate babies and the births of these little ones as they come into our world. 
How wonderful life is.


As we were riding out and about on Saturday- at my weekend job - Mary found a rat shaped cloud….with cheese below its head. I kept my eyes on the road and had her take a picture so I could see it later.

 Donna gave her a bunch of white erasers for her artwork and schoolwork.
We prefer the white ones over the pink ones.

Sunset on Saturday 

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Mary is Practicing Her Running

She wants me to time her. 

She definitely has “running abilities”.

Here we go!

Friday, September 9, 2022

Another Horse Lesson

Grooming Pace

I love this picture of one section of the barn.

Gracie Girl

Mary - They use these steps to mount the horses.

There they go…off on a little trail ride.

 Sweet Nola

Pace - ready for his washing down