Sunday, August 13, 2017

When We're Together - Hold the Wonder of the Moment as the Moment Passes By

We traveled to another state yesterday - for a day trip to check on Uncle Ray - our Gentle-est of Gentlemen.

He has recently moved from his home to an assisted living facility.

I've shared many happy occasions in his home - with family....some here and those who've 'moved to heaven'.

But now -
I'm keenly aware it's the end of an era in life - his life and mine.

As we've all been living, loving, sharing -- time has marched on. Here we are.

Yesterday I fought  back tears, but I was terribly unsuccessful!
My emotions were more FOR Uncle Ray - a widower whose own children -- two boys born with special needs -- are in heaven

I was in his home along with his sister, Gloria, gathering a few treasured items -- lovely little dishes and hand painted items created by Aunt Ann

It was my last time to be there - to see some of his possessions that I've been familiar with for years.
The last time for mom and my girls, too.
So glad they were with me

I could still remember the laughter and love that rang throughout those walls for years and years as family would sit at the table and talk (all at once) -- savoring each bite of Aunt Ann's steaming hot, scrumptious dishes.

Uncle Ray was quiet at the table - and most other times, too.
That's just his personality.

I remembered past visits.
The afternoon smells of coffee 
The mounds of dishes to wash
The stories relayed
The gifts given 
The long goodbyes

I remembered how I felt when there.
Cared for

Moments Matter - and we savored them yesterday.

I took the girls to a Pho restaurant and ordered carry out.
Enjoyed Vietnamese food

Chopstick Girl

Another Chopstick Girl

....and then there's Little Miss Fork User

(song by Mark Harris - check it out on You Tube)

I’d like a castle on a hill, Where you and I could spend the day… 
And I’d love to go where time stands still, And all that doesn’t matter fades away 
You are here with me… 

And I would love to dance with you under the big blue sky, 
we hold the wonder of the moment as the moment passes by

When we’re together… 

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