Saturday, August 5, 2017

Southern Summer Days - Beginning of New School Year

Traveled around the other day for a last summer hurrah -
Ate lunch in this old home/restaurant

Nanny Carol and Marlene joined us (as we hope they always will).
Cookie met us there.

What a great way to end our summer activities - which have been so enriching and memorable.

People to visit
Places to explore
Projects to complete (work for each of us to accomplish)
Play time to be had

Time for a new school year

I've already teared up just thinking about how we will get everything done, every day....
-- Work schedule with little to no flexibility 
-- Required meetings I must attend on some evenings and afternoons
-- Commitments for my girls already in place....places they need to be

I live in the world of 6:00 dental appointments for my I don't have to miss work to get their checkups completed.

**** We schedule LOTS of appointments for June and July, but not every one of them is "due" during summer time and many are 2x/year appointments. ***

I'm SO thankful to Nanny Carol for filling in BIG gap-needs!! Sleeping over, taking all 3 girls to yearly pediatric check ups, and dropping the cat off at the name a few priceless gifts of her time

Marlene pinch hits for me (getting my carpool group from track practice on the night I have to attend 6:00 meeting at work).

Melzana graciously accepted my request to take Mollly to a horseback riding lesson b/c I worked at weekend job.

KK has taken Mary to/from school when I've had outside meetings away from work.

I am incredibly blessed to have friends and family who have helped me so much and continue to do so!

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