Saturday, July 29, 2017

SEE?!? They're Becoming Quite Tech Savvy

Em is completing an online registration for a Homechool membership family affiliate - entering Visa number and checking all the right boxes.

Molly is researching Paddock Boots - for her to wear as she begins her horse riding lessons.
We will call the company directly on Monday morning to inquire about coupon codes (hopefully) and shipping.
She recorded the phone number.

Next Emily went online to enter a shopping code, take a store survey, and earn bonus gas points for us.

Then Molly edited our online missions consignment report, corrected typos, and entered more items for the sale.

I told the girls these are excellent life skills - figuring out all the ins and outs of online applications and requirements.

Bonus: Saves me tons of time!!

The iPads were gifts, and we're using WiFi at my weekend job.


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