Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mary's Last Night as a 7 Year Old

Mary's special treat from Whole Foods.

Those folks love my girls.

We shop there for organic meats, reverse osmosis water (we take gallon containers and fill them for 49 cents), and specialty organic items not found at our "regular" grocery store.

They did so much for us today in honor of Mary's birthday...
-- gave us a boatload of candy from their "candy bar"....jelly beans, chocolates of all kinds (we'll have to share b/c we eat this only on special occasions)
-- provided Mary's slice of pizza free of charge 
-- presented her with a happy bag of non-GMO juice and snacks

Later last night...

She wanted to light a candle to celebrate her last 2 hours of 7 year I granted her wish.

Happy Happy!

Ms. Dominique - always greeting my girls
at Whole Foods

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