Sunday, July 30, 2017

Look What Molly Found on the Internet


Molly is one of the 3 little girls holding the sign - the darling in the middle.

She'd been Googling her hometown in China and came across this image.

She remembers that a group of officials/volunteers was visiting the area.

Amazing, huh?
Absolutely astounding!

I'm sooo thrilled to have a photograph of my daughter from her younger years.

On the back row
Top right

The 2nd and 5th people from the R on that back row are women --
Who loved and cared for Molly.

I met them in Hohot, China when I was there to meet Molly. 
Emily remembers them, too.

They'd traveled from Xilinhot to a city north of Beijing so I could meet my daughter.

Precious, precious!

On the next to the top row
Top right
Very end person - another lady
I met her, too.
Dear soul!

I completed paperwork with these women, took them to dinner, talked to them via an interpreter...and witnessed their heartbreak as Molly (Guo Yang) continued on her life journey with Emily and me.

They were happy for her - but apprehensive to let their sweet "charge" be carried off by a stranger -- to the other side of the world.

Molly Skype's with them about once a month - voice call.
So happy she still has connections with those who loved her first.

She found 2 more...

These pics were all taken on same day when "visitors" were in the community.

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