Thursday, July 13, 2017

Emily's First Time to Run Cross Country

Running in the woods.

Em is the girl in blue shirt - far right.

Running "interests" are pursuing it.

I believe it's time for my older girls to find a physical discipline that gets them out and about - in nature, under other teachers/coaches, with other kiddos.

She's been doing her daily (M-F) movement DVD's (Classical Stretch) for about a year and is in good shape.
Of course, beginning a regimen with an organized group is at a whole other level.

But this will be good for her, us...
The life lessons she is already being exposed to -
Personal goals
Training schedules
Learning about specific nutritional requirements -- and when they're needed (before/after training)

I think the biggest lessons we discussed in advance -- that I wanted to I instill in her are these --
** She will be behind
** She will be last
** She is running with state champions 
** Her head will tell her she is way out of her league
** She will begin thinking this was a mistake
** She'll feel the effects of  4:30 on a July summer day in the Deep South -- sweltering and humid


** As other beginners join the group, you will have runners behind you
** As you practice, you will not stay "last"
** You are brave to train with state champions, and you can strive for hard earned honors if you so choose
** It's sometimes good to be "out of your league" with others who can challenge you to do more than you ever thought you could
** It's normal to feel you've made a mistake when you've chosen a positive path that many others will never choose.
You'll be a better person for simply having the experience.
** Try to have a good attitude about the weather. "It ain't goin nowhere."

So - this is where we are right now.
I'm having to process team practices (not close to where we live) -- driving home to get her there after my full day of teaching and staying late at work for meetings....with zero time to spare before the cross country runs begin.

God's got a plan.
This may or may not be her niche, but I'll do whatever I can to assist her and guide her as she develops along the Lord's path for her life.

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