Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day-Cation: Out and About in the Sunny South

Good Buddy, Melzana, is "Planner Extraordinare".
Oh my stars - detailed, prepared, fun.

Well....she did me a huge favor and made all the plans for a long day trip.
Mom, the girls, Mel, and I set out for a day filled with simple -- but wonderful --memories.

Melzana and the girls in front of her junior high school
I treasure old buildings!

The girls on Mary Street

It's an old, old brick street.

Mercy me.
We ate at a rather historic, vintage restaurant.
There's lots of history in this place.

Cocounut pie

This is the chocolate pie.

I had to take pics of these unbelievably humongous desserts - sitting in a cupboard.

Yup. We ate these!!
Had to tote a lot of our meal in "to go" boxes. 
Leftovers for later

Here we are on the balcony of a very old, famous hotel...overlooking the small town. 
We went in, drank their peach tea, looked at artwork and photographs, then headed out again.

Stopped at an independently owned bookstore - quaint and cute!!

Melzana and the girls in front of the courthouse (Mom is keeping the car cool for us.)

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