Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Went to Visit Our German Baptist Friends

We decided to make a last minute stop to see our dear, dear family friends.
They're somewhat similar to Amish folks.

I've known them for about 20 years but lost contact for several years.
We reconnected about 8 years ago.

We stay in touch via letter writing, and one sister uses the computer at the local library - and does email s-o-m-e.
We've gone to their home.
Some of the family members have been to mine.

They walk, ride bikes, or drive diesel tractors.
They will catch a Greyhound Bus or hitch rides with friends.
No A/C.

We played a few rounds of Uno with Marilyn.
The other sister was at work.

These are THE kindest people.

We talked and realized haven't been together for 3 years.
It seems like about 1 1/2 years - MAX.

Boy that time went by too, too quickly.

They'd never met Mary.
She really enjoyed Mr. Bill's beard.

They've sold the farm and moved into "town".
I had to ask IF there was a grocery store in their little area. Seems the answer is 'yes'.

I'm sooo glad we stopped to catch up and visit.
Hope to see them again before the year is over.
Special. Special.

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