Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Skating on a School Night

This "China Mom" and her daughter celebrated their 5th Gotcha Day.
Mom (Dr. D) is a highly respected department chair and professor at a prestigious private college.
Single mom.

We were invited to join them.
Other folks there, too.
I only knew one of the families.

MiMi, the daughter, is having another surgery on her ear (reconstructive - outer ear).
She was born, I think, totally deaf...but has a BAHA device that allows her to hear sounds.

So...they decided to have a skating party on a school night.
MiMi won't be able to do this for a long while after this next surgery on May 25.

I drove 45 mins to the wrong skating rink. 
And I was almost out of gas.
**I know, Mother. Fill it up at 1/2 a tank.**

We finally made it.
The girls skated and had fun.
Mary had been SO excited about the event...all day long.

We know these folks.

Dark photo
Disco lights were on
Great time!

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