Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mary's Field Day - I Was Assigned to Face Painting. Me? An Artist?

I did alright at my task.
I worked slowly.
Didn't want kids to have a hot mess on their faces. 

I'll have to practice for next year.
Get a few things I paint really well.
Shooting stars
Lightning bolts 
New Orleans Saints logo

I was with other teachers who were painting faces, too.

Good team of folks.

After work we headed home, I
Cut the grass
Headed back out to weekend job

I hope to trim hair off my two pups while I'm out here.
Bathe them.

The girls brought their bicycles to ride all around the grounds and empty parking lots here on the campus where we are.

School is winding down for Mary.
Looking forward to a less hurried lifestyle for a while.

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