Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dolls from China

These are little dolls that I bought while in China (1 of 3 times)....
But the 3 that are similar in photo above with all the other dolls -- Robin and Forrest got them for me on their last trip.

I'd missed finding those.
Sold in a shop in city that makes New York look like Podunk.
Each doll represents the region where my girlies lived (based on the dress of the doll)

I bought these triplets (above) on my last trip.
Had to have 'em!

I don't buy or collect Chinese dolls in the U.S.

I only got these as keepsakes from China as little gifts for the girls.

Well....there is a Chinese baby doll (below) that Emily got as a gift. I took it with me to China when I met her.

Jane and Anna gave her this treasure.

Great memories of presenting sweet Em with her new "baby".

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