Saturday, May 6, 2017

Because we love animals...

I bought this babushka baby holder thingy at our missions consignment event - a few bucks.
They really cost around 40.00.

They're for toting babies around, for mommy bonding, while allowing mom to be hands free.

Had to watch a you tube video to learn how to wear the wrap. Very safe for wee ones.

I bought it to use with Chase - my blind, diabetic poochie baby boy.
I know. Kinda strange to do this.

He lost his sight when diabetes set in.

But jeepers, I'd already had a poochie boy (for 10-ish years) with no had to now transition into Chase's new world.

Again - sniff.

I've used the baby-wrap a time or two.
The girls got it out and started mommy-ing their cats.

Mercy me.
Too cute.

All critters seem to love being swaddled.

Mary asked me if I'd rock her in the rocking chair and give her some milk in her little cup.
I said, "Sure!"
She danced with glee.

Mary also told me she enjoyed having the 
"confuser" on at night.
(Diffuser -- emitting a mist of water and an essential oil)

Or asking me if her "fourth-head" is wet and sweaty after jumping and playing

And that the butterfly is camouflaged so it won't become prey to the 
"pregnant-tor ".
How funny is that one?!

We are some kind of entertaining around here, folks!

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