Sunday, April 9, 2017

Neon Purple-Pink Eggs and a Great Palm Sunday

Had to have a few dozen dyed eggs for an event at a friend's church.

Linda - 
She's the adopt a school liaison for her church and my school. She's also the pastor's wifey.
Great folks.
Community minded.
Missions oriented.

Anyhoo - their church was hosting folks who are service workers (law enforcement, firemen), and she invited students, staff, and families from my school.

We went.
Two casseroles in hand, 2 dozen dyed eggs, and and empty Easter basket.

We left Bibles in the car.
Too much to carry--and the scriptures were placed on the big screens.

We had a lovely time.
Great worship service and teaching about being true peacemakers - as it's taught in the New Testament.

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