Saturday, March 4, 2017

"This was the fun-nest day ever!"

So said Miss Mary....
Cuz she took off on 2 wheels today.

She also said, "It was the miracle-est day because I 'r-i-d-e' my bike."

She's riding the same bike Emily got nearly 9 years ago from Cille and Steve.

Mr. Craig came from across the street and put air in all 6 tires - for Mary, Molly, and Emily.

It was a beautiful day.
Our plans were to clean the cruddy floors in our house.

Floors will just have wait.

Had to seize the day.
The ole "carpe diem".

The girls and I have talked about walking, biking, skating around town.
Today we did.

I walked to our local Library to return 3 books/CD's Mary had checked out.
The girls rode their bicycles on the newly made sidewalks.

It was lovely to be out and about having fun.
Mary had to sorta "balance" most of the way.
The sidewalk is very wide, but there was still traffic.
So...she has to get really good at maneuvering before I'll let her venture a few feet away from me while biking.
But only a few.
She's young.

We stopped at the Presbyterian Church parking lot so all 3 could ride in a really open area. They loved it.

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