Saturday, March 25, 2017

Good Times!

Em's birthday visit from KK

Mary's St. Patrick's Day time with Madelynn

Love these signs from our Alpaca Farm visit 

We ate b b q out in the boondocks -- on the day we went to the alpaca farm.

Get a load of this smoker/cooker area where the b b q was cooked.

Looks a bit suspect, huh?
In all honesty, the shredded blue tarp was only for covering the area from winter winds.
The pits and grills were all in super shape.

Highly recommended by locals and others around the state.

It was sooo fun inside the restaurant, and the food was yummy!!!!

Utensils in a basket --
K = knife
F = fork
No S packet.
How can you not love a place like this?
Small building slap on a country 2 lane highway.
Friendly folks.
Steady business.
Packed out on Fri. And Sat. nights.
Closed on Sunday.

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