Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day-Cation Time

Schools are closed this week.
Spring Break.
We got caught away from home for the weekend - working - and not having warm "enough" clothes.

Forget the wedge Volatiles - flip floppy type shoes.
It's socks and sneakers for me right now.

I/We went home during the day today and yesterday, and the girls and I made the most of that time.

Some cleaning.
Some organizing.

Lots of running around using up bits and pieces of small gift cards ($5.00, $10.00...) that I've been given - 
-- gift cards for perfect attendance at work
-- gift cards given to me by a local chamber of commerce for a teacher award
-- small, leftover amounts ($2.53, $7.45) on a few cards given to me or the girls for our bdays (We appreciate gift cards!)

Anyhoo - we,ve been to eat authentic Mexican food, get cookies, buy organic strawberry lemonade, purchase colorful writing pens, mooch pickles and croutons at a restaurant where we had "one free dessert", go to Toys R Us (or Toys FOR Us -- as Mary called it) and get a stuffed animal horse with a gift card that was probably 4+ years old.....

Making the most of "off time" between work times

I recognized and chatted with (via interpreter) one of the Hispanic employees -- mom of a former student at my school.

Made on the spot vegetarian tacos and guacamole 

Mary's first time at this kiddie joint "Toys FOR Us"
It was bound to happen one day.

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