Friday, March 31, 2017

Sponge Curler Frenzy

Mary's first time with sponge curlers
Aren't they colorful?
I grew up with plain ole light pink ones.
I told the girls to watch it with these things.
That hair will curl up to their eyebrows!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A beauty queen

A therapy dog

Working and Working Some More.

Teaching school every day (and some teaching after school)
Working afternoons, evenings, and mornings with these treasures 
Mom is helping me at this job.
My girls are big helpers, too, as I undertake extra responsibilities.

Mary's Model Magic skunk
3 guesses what the green vapor bubble at the back is...

Got a special cookie

Rehearsing for church musical tomorrow night - about "lost" pirates and treasures on an island and treasures found in God's Word

He's the pirate who gave up his scoundrel life to live heartily for the Lord.
As his line in the musical states, "...but I still wear me hat! Aaargh!"

Good Times!

Em's birthday visit from KK

Mary's St. Patrick's Day time with Madelynn

Love these signs from our Alpaca Farm visit 

We ate b b q out in the boondocks -- on the day we went to the alpaca farm.

Get a load of this smoker/cooker area where the b b q was cooked.

Looks a bit suspect, huh?
In all honesty, the shredded blue tarp was only for covering the area from winter winds.
The pits and grills were all in super shape.

Highly recommended by locals and others around the state.

It was sooo fun inside the restaurant, and the food was yummy!!!!

Utensils in a basket --
K = knife
F = fork
No S packet.
How can you not love a place like this?
Small building slap on a country 2 lane highway.
Friendly folks.
Steady business.
Packed out on Fri. And Sat. nights.
Closed on Sunday.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Molly's 4th Gotcha Day - 3/18/17

What an amazing bundle of joy Molly is to our family. Love you so very much.

We went to an alpaca farm - waaaay out in the country. 
Hours away.
Too much fun!

Madelynn came with us.
Nanny Carol was my co- pilot.

Chickens hatching


Spinning the fur from alpacas 

Super fun day!!!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Celebrated Emily's Birthday Yesterday

Waking up on her 15th birthday
On the top bunk 

My girls have never had a hibachi dinner.
I've only had it about 3x in life.
So - she got her little wish.
Nanny Carol was with us.
Marlene joined us. Yay.

Rice cake?!

Look at Mary's face. She's in awe.

We love you, Sweet Pea.
You are a blessing - beyond words.
I love you, Emily!

Molly and Emily made these "healthy" cupcakes with strawberries, and cream cheese frosting. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day-Cation Time

Schools are closed this week.
Spring Break.
We got caught away from home for the weekend - working - and not having warm "enough" clothes.

Forget the wedge Volatiles - flip floppy type shoes.
It's socks and sneakers for me right now.

I/We went home during the day today and yesterday, and the girls and I made the most of that time.

Some cleaning.
Some organizing.

Lots of running around using up bits and pieces of small gift cards ($5.00, $10.00...) that I've been given - 
-- gift cards for perfect attendance at work
-- gift cards given to me by a local chamber of commerce for a teacher award
-- small, leftover amounts ($2.53, $7.45) on a few cards given to me or the girls for our bdays (We appreciate gift cards!)

Anyhoo - we,ve been to eat authentic Mexican food, get cookies, buy organic strawberry lemonade, purchase colorful writing pens, mooch pickles and croutons at a restaurant where we had "one free dessert", go to Toys R Us (or Toys FOR Us -- as Mary called it) and get a stuffed animal horse with a gift card that was probably 4+ years old.....

Making the most of "off time" between work times

I recognized and chatted with (via interpreter) one of the Hispanic employees -- mom of a former student at my school.

Made on the spot vegetarian tacos and guacamole 

Mary's first time at this kiddie joint "Toys FOR Us"
It was bound to happen one day.

Monday, March 13, 2017

This and That with Mary

Mary's sunset photograph - from our backyard

Stopped at an electrical plant - sorta spur of the moment - as we were in the vicinity 
I know. 
Thrilling, huh?!?
At least she got to have a little conversation about electricity
She loved it cuz I was excited about it.

Then we mosied-over to see Wisteria

She went to a bday party at a bounce

Dressed herself, got sisters to curl her hair, and wore her tiara.
Took it off for church, tho. this at school
She's gonna get those rainbow colors in there -- in order -- somewhere!

Inside of the drawing...a letter to me