Friday, January 20, 2017

This and That

Mary's snow globe at school - "If I lived in a snow globe...."

Not uncommon that folks in her drawings are brown in color
Jesus, Joseph, and Mary

I love it!!

The girls are posing in front of the Treasure Island display at church.
Little Miss Pirate -- who will be singing in the large children's choir -- is showing her Cap'n Hook-type finger.
It's a Christian musical about finding the treasure of God's wisdom.

Emily and Molly both sang in these musicals when they were younger.
They went to choir at church -- weekly -- and learned the songs, little bits of choreography.
Learned English.
Met other children.
Learned about the Lord through song.

They were not overjoyed that I nudged them into participating.
Emily had only been in America about 9 months when she was in her first one.

Uhm....Molly was only here about 3 months.
She arrived in the U.S. At the end of March, and the musical took place at the end of May.
She was with Emily in the musical - so that helped.
We just told her to say "watermelon, watermelon" and it'll look like you're singing.
She did fine.

Mary - she's been here 2 years and not shy about being in the musical.

Back to weekend work job -- 

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