Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Monday

Eye appointment 
"She's seeing better than the last time." (Per attendant who conducted some eye tests)

Shiyan came to visit while her dad helped with locks on doors - removing them and going with me to get replacements.
Thanks Forrest and Robin - such unselfish friends!

Emily and Max

Schools closed today - MLK Day

3 dentist appointments 
1 eye doctor visit
1 vet visit for Chase - bless his heart!

Church 2x yesterday
Pot Luck with Robin and Forrest on Saturday night
Finished Petsitting this morning 

Working on organizing clothes for church/missions (children's clothing and toys) consignment event coming up.

Em and Molly organize the clothes and toys we are consigning.
They'll keep part of the profit, the other part goes to missions, and any item that doesnt sell...we donate to the sponsored projects.

I'll type all the required tags with clothing descriptions - online with bar codes automatically assigned.
Very organized event - headed up by tech savvy young church members who are mission minded.

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