Sunday, January 8, 2017

Frosty's Head Took a Tumble her bathrobe being used for an outside jacket.... - for some odd reason - wanted to bring Emily's little snow man's head inside.
We put it in a Chinese take out container 
and stuck it in the frig.
Sounds creepy.
I know.
It's harmless.
We just love his cute little face.


I was getting something from the freezer, and...
You guessed it.

We laughed.
We are cooking a bean soup for supper and separating/rolling coins.
Time to cash in some "change" that we've been saving AND continue to teach Mary about money (nickel = 5 cents, etc.).

We played Mexican Train Dominoes on Family Night (Friday). We went to Nanny Carol's for the evening.
Walked in the sleet and ice.

We'd made a delish squash casserole and had a "one dish wonder" meal.
That's somewhat normal for us.
It was hot and yummy on a COLD winter night.

Who was the biggest loser at our 6-7 sessions of dominoes?

I'll never tell.

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