Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chinese New Year Celebration

At big celebration for CNY (Chinese New Year)
Emily, Alli, Anna Katherine, Little Molly, Big Molly, Mary. Anna

Jenna and Emily H.

On stage singing the song Jasmine Flower...or at least lip syncing it

Gotta have a dragon

The littles riding on the float as part of the parade

Lily and Emily walking in parade

Alli and Mary playing around with Alli's walker

Two families of sisters

Koko has returned from the mission field for a while and was at the celebration.
Last time I saw her I was 48 hours from heading to China to get Mary.
Today was the first time these two met.

Look at our great group!!!

Molly and Mary

Emily and Alli holding hands

Thursday, January 28, 2016

In Her Bathing Suit and It's Cold Outside!

-- Princess bathing suit and cup
-- Strawberry Shortcake blanket
-- Dora the Explorer umbrella
-- Watching Ni Hao Kai Lin video

All of these items are hand me downs from Emily. Some from back in 2008 and 2009.
I tell ya - we RE-use stuff around here!!!

So sentimental.
I love seeing every one of these items come to life again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Iguana's Body is Now 8 Inches and Growing

Science learning - written about in an earlier post

Tail broke.
But it is still attached.

First Time EVAH To See Snow Flurries

The little bits of snow ARE falling, but they're so few of them...they don't show up in the photo.

We were on our way to school.

I just wanted a picture of Mary on the day she first saw SNOW.

Her hometown - Kunming, China - looks quite tropical but does get chilly. I doubt it snows there very often if at all.

I kept the window rolled down for her so she could hold her hand out and experience the snippets of winter wonder.

Considering it was 80 degrees on Christmas, I figured we'd enjoy it any way we could.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Growing a BIG Iguana

This is a Steve Spangler science toy - an iguana with a 5 inch body and long tail.

It sits in this big container that Mary is filling with water.

It grows really long - as it absorbs the water. This will take a week or so.

This is our little friend today.
We'll post pics of his "changing" size.

Great learning activity. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Art Work from This Morning

Mary said, "I love painting!"

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon

As a matter of fact, that IS an orange tutu And  red shoes
And brown vest
And patterned shirt.
You can assume she dressed herself.

It was great to be outside -
After my nap
And before we headed back to Sunday night church service.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Mary's Mantle Design - We Read This Out Loud Daily

We are so very thankful!

We are some FINE waffle makers....

...and this is waffle #1 before BEFORE we cut it. 
They got better as we went on.

I'm keeping all 8 in this posse - overnight - while Robin and Forrest have gone on a little local "get-away".

We're having fun....well...except for when Robin's radio alarm clock started blaring at 5:30 this morning. I got up from the guest room and went to turn it off.

Or so I thought.

10 mins later....rinse and repeat.
This time I turned the volume all the way down.

Still fun!

Lookie Here!
Practice makes progress!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Prisms and Ponytails - Looking for Those Rainbows

On the back steps of my portable classroom - where I've taught for 25 years. 
Can you believe that?

There's that rainbow on the step below her. She loves playing with that prism and looking for light rays. 
Her manipulation of the prism is causing the rainbow to form.

Super for teaching her about the refraction (bending) of light - breaking apart the light spectrum to reveal a rainbow.

"I Love My Mome (mommy)"

How fun that I'm sportin' a narrow waistline.
God bless the artist!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Winter Day

I was settling the girls on the stoop (where I work some weekends) with their Kuerig-made hot chocolate.
Molly and Emily have whipped cream on theirs.
Mary has marshmallows.

I was headed in to get coats at the request of Em and Little M.

I said, "Molly - you want me to your coat?"

Emily said, "Mom. She's the one from the cold part of China."

To which I replied..."Yeah....but she pops that heat on at the house at the first sign of a chill."

Molly is from Xilinhot, China - northern part of the country.
Temps there below zero this week...way on down below zero.

Amazing and miraculous that we connected as a family.
We love our sweet snowbird!

....and she did not want her coat.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

So THAT'S How You Play Spoons

We got together for a little time with our friends.
I call the group "The China Moms"...but of course, the girls/kiddos are friends, too.
Some have known each other for years.
Some for 'not-so-long' -- ex. Mary.

Some were adopted from China at the very same time - Anna and Jenna.
They're from the same Social Welfare Institute in China.
And here they are living in the U.S. - in famililies from the same area...and both of their moms knew each other already because....
They were both single schoolteachers
In the same school district
In the same program (gifted ed)
At the same time
Using the same adoption agency

Amazing huh?

Anna is in the pic above - bottom left/back to the camera.
Jenna is to her left.
Still friends.

The Red Thread Connections are remarkable.
We love these peeps so much!

Molly in motion

Mary reclining - with Abbey and Madeline

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

The girls doing their chalkboard art - with chalk-type markers.
They are each designing their own original "confession" that we will all read and repeat daily.
The boards are tacked to the fireplace mantel in the living room - right where we can see them. I bought them back in the summer at Walmart in the craft department, and we've sorta waited to decide how to use them. 

We all thought this would be a great way to create, display, and stay focused on our BIG dreams.

Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision and keep it in plain view so that as folks pass by - they can easily read it and process it.

We want to all be on the same page - common goals for our family that will move us forward in God's plans for our lives.
Each girl has a journal with their own unique dreams and desires. 
Well - Molly and Emily do.
Mary is still learning how to write.

Here's the one Molly created.

So be it.

Emily's and Mary's boards to be posted soon.

Happy New Year!
What excitement and opportunity we have every day that's here and ahead of us.

Gifts for Everyone from Cookie

Mercy me.
Was I ever pampered today.

Cookie's extra special birthday gift was a trip to a day spa for a 1 hour pedicure/leg and foot massage.

Soft music playing.
In a private room.

Calgon - take me away.

After my relaxing and royal treatment in this quite high fallootin' place, off we went for Mexican lunch.
Cookie had fish tacos. (Ick)
I had chicken fajitas.
Who on this planet even cares?

My 3 girls did.
They were so very excited for me.

I left the girls at home.
But Nanny Carol came over to check on them.
I called home to be sure they took their Chicken Pad Thai frozen meals out of the freezer.
Their lunch.

I did save and bring home some of my fajita fixins because I knew the girls would love a bite.

When I got home and showed off my red polished toe nails, I found that the girls had been busy cleaning and organizing their room. 
In a huge way!!!!
Lots of hard work.

I ooo-ed and ahhhhh-ed.
Then headed for a nice afternoon nap.
But before I put my head down on the pillow, Emily wryly commented, 
"Now mom. Don't think you're gonna start going off and hanging out with your friends all the time.
If so - when you'll find that we've been selling things from our house!"

I said, "...and I assume you'll with items in MY room first??!"