Wednesday, December 14, 2016

To Church We Go

I love the Abeka Christian curriculum.
This is Mary's "homeschool" work that she does at home in the evenings with me.
Not every evening.
She had her regular, public school homework to do, but that gets done quickly. 

I treasure the Christian concepts of faith being reinforced in many of the Abeka activities.
I mean....I love the cute colored-seasonal pictures!

On the last line where it reads, "Will you join us to worship Him?"
Of her own accord, Mary wrote, "yes".
That was not even part of what she was to do.

Mary turned in her Lottie Moon rice bowl bank at church tonight.
Good ole Wednesday night prayer meeting!

Many Carol loaded it UP with with dollar bills (26.00), we added our dollars, tons of good change (the silver pieces -ha)
and prayed for missionaries.

Mary is holding her new nativity snow globe - a gift from her GA's teacher.
She loves that little novelty gift!

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