Friday, December 2, 2016

Tis the Season

My grandmother's Christmas ornaments 
Nanny Carols mom -- Vida Etta
These decorations are sooo special.

Visiting Mr. Winston in rehab - for knee surgery
Mary made the silly- handmade Christmas hat he is wearing.
That's Cookie - his wifey.
She didn't marry until was 40.
Hope springs eternal!! (totally kidding)

Re-Voting in a local election run-off 
Gotta do it. Gotta vote.
Gotta be responsible.
The polling site is at a church...thus the cross.

Mary eating a fried egg and cheese sandwich- on Ezekiel bread with Veganaise as the condiment of choice

She's watching a video.

Emily practicing piano

Molly doing the same
They look like twins, huh?!

Mary's end of the year GA program - Girl's Auxiliary/Missions

Missing that top front tooth

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RamblingMother said...

Love that toothless picture. Happy Holy days!