Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pics from Christmas Eve

Molly played Christmas songs.

Emily helped Mary write letter to Santa.
I helped bake the cookies.
Poured the milk.

Mary knows the true story about Santa...but we play make believe.

Just like we do with her stuffed animal, Hot Chocolate - the horse.

We pretend she is real -- wears a bridle, has to be fed, let out to pasture...the whole 9 yards.

Same with Santa.
She'll ask me questions, and I wink and say, "Oh. Mamas can't talk about those things around Christmas-time."

She'll say, "Mommy. I KNOW you're Santa."
I reply, "I'm not saying a word."

But I've always told my girls the true stories of St. Nicolas, the traditions...and they're none the worse for it all.

Same goes the Easter Bunny, too.

We have fun with it all.

Mary's little letter

Nanny Carol spent the night.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life.

It IS a wonderful life!!

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