Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Photos - In New Christmas Shirts

Side-Leaning Mary in above photo

These were all possible Christmas card photos.
Lovely staged settings

But the pics - when cropped to fit the card -- didn't show the nice backgrounds ...just "rocks and wood" as Emily noted.

We'll - considering I threw the iPhone to the girls
Who were sitting in the back of the van
On our way home from Wednesday night prayer meeting 
And said, "Here girls. Order us some photo Christmas cards from Walgreens. 
My 50% coupon expires in 4 hours."

No pressure.
They finagled, asked me questions -- to which I replied 4 times, "Oh. I don't care.
Whatever you like."

Emily and Molly had us all set to order. I told them, "Wait. Let me check it out."

They'd accidentally put 3 "s" in blessed.
When they tried to correct it, GONE.
Lost their designed card.

Had to start over -- once we got home.

So we ended up with a gazillion cards with the picture below. 
Hey. Half price.
This photo just cropped better (with color and placement).

Awww. Sweethearts!
I am ble-s-s-s-ed.

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