Saturday, December 24, 2016

Candlelight Service - Christmas Eve

Emily and Mary nearly worried the hair off my knuckles about these candles
Dropping them
Wanting the battery operated ones, too - that some kids had
Going to find and get the battery operated ones from an usher

I gave away these "for real" ones cuz the girls had gotten battery ones
Then Emily wants the real ones, too
I dropped mine and mom's (unlit) on the floor 
Mary crawled around trying to find them
Found mom's
Then I crawled around looking for mine

All to the tunes of O Holy Night and Joy to the World

I moved over and sat next to mom.
There was almost more silly than sacred...
But it was all good!

We had a wonderful time -
Hilarious skit
Creative presentations
Beautiful music
Inspiring message

One hour - eleven minutes 
Then it'll be Christmas.

"Hope for the hopeless
Was born on that night."

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