Sunday, December 4, 2016

At a Small Southern Church for Hanbell Performance

I'm working this weekend, and it's a busy time of year with my special friends -- the ladies I oversee.
-- Open House
-- Handbell Performances

We're at an old-timey kinda church...where folks have been here since the late 1940's.

This is a glared photo of the old church.
It's been gone a long time -- well...the sanctuary is "no longer"; however, part of the building is still being used.
The sanctuary is new...from the 1970's or  80's.

I spoke with the Sunday School Director.
She's been here since the time when folks met in a TENT.
Talk about a devoted congregant!!
I asked, "Did you get married in this church?"
Yup - in 1953
Lovely lady!

There is a balcony in the "new sanctuary". I'm not sure folks ever sit up there...except maybe for a really special occasion....Easter, Christmas.
Not sure.

I watched a lady open this glass wall case and "put up" the new info.
She's been here 57 years.

These are the simple things that make life so interesting to me!!!

The fact that these precious folks have legacies of just is incredibly inspiring to me.

Kinda like my own mother's life - being in the same church for quite a while, serving others, being faithful and supportive.

These are the types of people who have always lived lives bigger than their own -
Diligent to do what their hands find to do.

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