Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Gorilla in the Stable? I'm Thinking Maybe Not....

I'll check The Gospels again, but I'm just not finding any record of an unusually large white gorilla that was a witness to the Christmas story.

Dare I say who put Magilla Gorilla in the fold up, fabric nativity set - with Velcro critters, Angels, and people?

The cats usually swat the characters out from the set and bat them around on our concrete floors.
I found baby Jesus this past summer under some furniture..."wrapped in swaddling" D-U-S-T!
Bless his heart.
I tucked him into one of the Rubbermaid containers that hold our Christmas decorations.

I haven't located him...I mean...Him yet amidst all our "stuff".
Oh well.

I've got Luke's account of the story -- committed to memory.
Luke 2:7- 14
I learned it as child -- for one one of my classes.
The dear older lady who encouraged the class to learn these historical verses -- her name -- it's on the tip of my tongue...starts with a F.
My mother might remember.
She had an adult son with a nice voice who sang solos.
She was short, perfect hair!!!

Anyhoo - I've been reading the Christmas story to the girls - at night before bed.
I sorta brag on my recall of these scriptures.
Not really - but it's fun to recount memory verses from decades ago.

I was reading from the Message Bible -- to the girls -- but I couldn't get into the translation of this story.
Sheep herders instead of shepherds?
Hostel instead of inn?
Switched to King James Version -  so I could gloat over my 7-14 scriptures.

Enjoying the Christmas season.

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