Monday, November 21, 2016

"I Love You a Bushel and a Peck!"

"I love you a bushel and a peck
A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck...." (Doris Day song)

We went out to our yearly Thanksgiving Celebration to a little church in the country.

I was working, and my special friends (ladies I look after on the weekends) had a handbell performance there - as they do each weekend before Thanksgiving.

I try to work this weekend every year so I can go back and see my sweet country church friends...and be blessed by the sweet holiday bell performance!

They play songs like, "We Gather Together" - one of my childhood favorites.

The girls picked pecans outside, and Emily and Molly said, "Mom - we almost have a peck of pecans!"

They learned this unit of measurement in their homeschooling math classes.
Bushel, too.
Old fashioned terms, huh?
Peck = 8 quarts
Trust me...their course work is rigorous!
But I've commented often to the girls, 
"I don't recall ever learning about these 2 units of measurement."

They DID gather 8 quart bags of pecans - yesterday on that crisp, gorgeous Autumn day in the middle of small, small town America.
The folks there are getting on up in years to gather pecans from these monumental trees that are no telling how old.

The nuts were rich and tasty.

They had a wonderful time outside - waiting for the church service to begin. 
We had to be there early to get ready for bell performance.
Nanny Carol was inside on a good ole fashioned pew - keeping her feet warm.

This is the end of Mrs. Jenny's chicken and dumplings - her mother's recipe from 1950 something (or earlier...).
She brings a batch each year for the meal we all share together after the church service.
She uses the same old washtub-converted-to-serving vessel that her mother used.
Mrs. Jenny said she made it at 3:30 that morning - when she got up to read her Bible and have quiet time.

Isn't she lovely?
Our precious friend - Mrs. Jenny
I've only seen her at this yearly gathering.

I'm making arrangements, though, to take all my girls - and mom - out to her house so we can "fix" a batch of the famous dish together.
We'll provide all ingredients and side entertainment.
Oh, won't we have fun?

It's days like these that I feel like George Bailey in It'a a Wonderful Life".

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