Monday, November 28, 2016

I Live the Life of MacGyver

Honestly -
I think it's critical to be a good problem solver, 
I think problem solving comes in a variety of packages.
- Getting someone's "take" on a situation 
- Finding novel ideas
- Soliciting practical solutions 
- Googling info
- Conferencing with an expert
- Getting advice from wiser folks
- Using the creative knowledge that you already possess

I love being surprised by other's perspectives -- when I'd not even thought about what they are saying.

There are times in my life
When I am solely responsible 
For figuring out HOW to get the garage door to stay down 
When it has no inclination 
To do so

At night
When it's raining - severe storm warnings 
Tornado watch kinda evening.

I figured it was a garage door sensor issue.
I did Google the problem and found 10 possible solutions.

Both left and right sensors needed to be lined up
No debris - Check!
No obstructions on the "eyes" - Check!

I had to have a flashlight to see well enough and get down low to ensure both sensors were level.

Google said use a leveler.
Ain't got one.
Don't want one.

SO - I used a ruler to measure the height levels of both sensors.
Not very workable.

Tried to set a small glass bottle (with water inside) to see if I could improvise a leveler contraption.

Too narrow of a surface for any tiny glass bottles to sit on.

I thought 
A. Round. Marble.
Circa 1965 - from my brothers' collection (one or both brothers)

If it sat a marble on one sensor without it rolling off
I could check the other sensor to obtain like result.

It did indeed sit atop the right sensor.
When placed on the left one, it rolled backwards.
I adjusted sensor and tried again.
Rolled backwards again.
Repeated the process.
Placed marble on top...
And it sat there.


I proceeded to put the garage door down, and it stayed down.

I strutted inside and told Em and Molly that I might be THE smartest person in our entire town (said in much jest and sarcasm).
I told Molly to let me lay my hands on her head to impart this divine MacGyver-like capability of problem solving.

She laughed and rolled her eyes.
She wasn't buying it.

As I turned toward Emily, she was heaving for breath, laughing and remarked..."From YOU, Mom?! You put your pajamas on backwards. Uhm. Yeah. Right."

If they only knew.
If they only knew.

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