Saturday, October 15, 2016

Super Hero Saturday

Mary went to Madeline's Super Hero birthday party.
Mary made a card, we inserted cold hard cash for Madeline to "buy what she wants", and placed a homemade painted ceramic cross in the bag.
It had a cute ribbon attached to cross.
Mary wrote Jesus loves you on a tiny label, drew a heart on it, and Emily colored it in.

Madeline is on the Batman tee shirt.
Kennedy is on the left. 
They're in the same classroom at school.
Sweet girls!

Mary made this cape -- at the party -- from an old tee shirt we swiped from Mr. Winston -- Cookie's hubbie. 

The theme was in honor of Madeline's little brother - Taylor...sitting in chair.

Madeline's parents are both hearing impaired.
I know the dad from my being in my school's carpool line every afternoon.
I AM the carpool lady...I call the numbers, get the kids out of the building.
Got a team of folks who work with me.

I've been waving at Taylor and letting him hold my walkie talkie in the afternoons since August, 2015.
I'd wave at dad.
3 days after school was out this year, the family was in a bad car wreck.
Taylor almost died.
He's having to learn how to speak correctly, walk, and use his right arm/hand.
Batman has been his "trademark" super hero. 
Today was the first time I interacted with this family on a really personal their home.

They're from waaay up north.
No family here.

Please pray for them if you think of it.
Dad stays home to care for Taylor and take him to tons of physical therapy appointments...the whole 9 yards.

Mom works at a school for hearing impaired kiddos.
They have a full plate.
I want my family to be a witness to them - in actions.
I believe we can make opportunities to do so.

This is Mary and one of our Cultural School buddies from Taiwan. She attends the school for hearing impaired kids where Madeline's mom works and knows this family.

I was delightfully surprised to see her and her mom at this gathering.

Funny/Blurry picture of funny/blurry girl on the trampoline at party.
Goin' up!

Mary came home and ate Pho soup.
Slurp. Slurp.
I headed to Lowe's with Forrest to buy a new dishwasher -- finally!

She had a great time at the party!!!
I'm gonna have a great time loading this new dishwasher
- at night
- so I can hurry to bed.

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