Monday, October 10, 2016

Having Fun Learning About Owls

Making felt owls together 
Mary's owl will go with the project she turns in at school on Friday.
She did it by herself, but sissies did the hot gluing.

Here's Mary's stuffed owl...before gold sequins were glued on.
We started with white craft glue, but it wasn't doing the best job.
Mary smeared some on the eyes as she attempted to work with that type glue.

Em and M recommended hot glue.
Worked famously well.

Oh. I did help Mary with the feet...showed her how to make the 2 feet as one piece glued on the back.
Googly eyes make anything look adorable. 

Molly's owl, Emily's, and Mary's
Precious, huh?

Inexpensive learning craft - "together time" with sisters...who happen to be two wonderful helpers

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