Thursday, October 27, 2016

End of Session - Working With Families to Develop Their Love for Reading

We sponsored the meal for this last night.
The girls went with me and helped cook, serve, clean up, load up - smile 
and greet!

I look at it as a ministry opportunity for our family to reach out to others.

My part as an instructor at this weekly gathering  is a paying job, and the director of the program attempts to find community agencies to sponsor meals for the families. 
It starts at 5:30.
Folks need to eat.
I volunteered my crew to provide the meal for this last night.

I'm glad for the opportunities I've had to mix and mingle with new friends!

I hustled to the grocery store after a meeting at work - to buy pancake mix, butter, syrup, turkey bacon, juice, milk....and whipped cream in a can.
Fun to shake and squirt on pancakes (for kids and adults).

I left home at 6:10 this morning for a Prayer Walk at my school.
First one ever -- voluntary, before students arrived. A local pastor came and graciously prayed, anointed doors with oil, as we prayed (staff) and laid hands on door knobs, walls...claiming "immediate impact".

It was good for me to go.
Mom brought Mary later on so she didn't have to hussle so much.
Thank you, Mother.

Kinda early.
Long day, but a good one.

Jerry is the storyteller, and we tag team teach.
He's an accomplished drummer with authentic African drums.
He took my girls through a few rounds of "rhythm learning".

As I've said before, our life is one big FIELD TRIP!

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