Friday, October 21, 2016

Dishwasher Box Becomes Playhouse

There's a sleeping child in there in the pink Hand me down sleeping bag -
With Janice's quilt as the roof.

Writing on the box:
Mary Owns This House

It also says:
Ask Mary be 'fro' (not for) you get in this hous! 
Plea Please and thank you!
(spelling glitches are hers)

Notice the cut of her door?
Uhm...Miss Mary thought she should cut that with adult scissors and not mention it until later.
She created her opening.
Er - NO!
Had to have a discussion about that.

She's having fun with her big ole box.
It's at the foot of my bed so she can play in it or sleep in it with me in the room to watch over her.

In the way?
Worth it?
You bet.

I'm having fun with a dishwasher that aids us all in the kitchen clean up time.

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