Saturday, October 8, 2016

Current artwork - on our dry erase board
I HAVE to snap a pic since it'll get erased.
I don't think I'm a dry erase board girl.
I want to save art on paper.

Book Molly and Em are reading for History class 
Great life/history story from the perspective of kiddos about their age

Doin' her Doubles....
Still learning them
Doubles + 1 is a big, number sense concept to grasp 


Marlene gave us the cutest set of plastic bugs and butterflies
Dragonflies and starfish
Very colorful and appealing
We use those to line up our "number" (ex. 6 butterflies)
Then we line up the same number beside it (double...6 more butterflies)
At some point I'll add 1 more to a line...
Voila. Doubles +1

Takes time and patience

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