Saturday, October 8, 2016

At Weekend Job -

So Julie stepped up to the plate and took my girls to Chinese Cultural School.
I had to take my special needs buddies (where I work) to an event.

Julie is a super friend - who willingly and gladly just seems to help out like this.
Such a dear.

So - my girls were able to make continued connections with some of our adoptive families in a rich learning and loving environment.

Thanks, "Jewels" a.k.a. Julie.

Look at Mary's lovely chalk art - sky, mountains, grass - mounted on a really nifty bamboo like mat.

The Chinese writing above means "sharing".
Mary colored and decorated this.

Em and Molly are working on Terra Cotta Warrior projects at the school.
They meet only every few months - but if we can make it, we don't miss it!

Such wonderful enrichment!!
Great folks!

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