Saturday, September 10, 2016

TOP Elementary "Summer" Reader in the School District

Miss Mary read 101 books for summer reading. She had to draw some type of picture/have visual art representation and write a sentence -- on pages to record each book.

Sweetie Pie in picture above with Mary read a bunch of books, too. Her family is precious!!

This was all do-able to accomplish during the summer time...because there's plenty of t-i-m-e.

We had FUN doing it all.
Sisters and I listened to her read orally and they helped me keep records of what books were read and the authors' names.

Some of Mary's drawings were detailed and others were simple.
We used stickers, dot markers, paint, crayons...even cut out pictures to glue onto the required pages -- all 101 of them.

She was honored by some very important folks.

She was invited to a big celebration at a children's venue.

Sisters came, too, and played with her.

Great to be outside. We stayed until the very end. We let her do whatever she chose to do at the celebration. 
It was HER night.

She couldn't wait to show Nanny Carol her big ole medal (around her neck).

I'm thrilled my girls love to read.
When there are no TV sets blaring constantly, it's amazing how the love of books (stories) and creativity have the opportunities to flourish.