Friday, September 30, 2016

This tail came off of a lizard-y-ish type creature.
We looked up info on the precious critter, and we think it's a Mediterranean Gecko.
Pinkish - Opaque like

The critter was fine.
The tail - not attached - wiggled up a storm for about 10 mins.

Very science based, authentic learning.
Kinda creepy - body part moving
...but no body.

Marlene gave us some leftover material for an owl project - Mary's nocturnal creature of choice. She and the big girls are gonna sew some owl pillows.
Mary will use hers as part of a 1st grade project at school.

Mar and a team of sewing ladies made dresses for children in Africa.
Little shorts, too.
She bought the neon green tees for the boys. See in the picture?

Marlene's sewn dresses are not the ones in the photo. Those look to be "pillow case shifts". Hers were a tad different.
But those are the tee shirts she sent.

A missionary friend personally delivered the large number of handmade and store bought outfits -- to the outreach that assists children in Africa. That missionary worked with these families in the recent past.

She took a photo of the newly clothed kiddos, framed it, and honored Mar with it at her recent retirement party.
(I missed it. Had to work. Phooey!)

We're beyond thrilled to be friends with folks who care so much and live -- by example -- the beliefs in their heart.

You "did good", Marlene.

Mary at her Johnny Appleseed party at school.

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