Sunday, September 18, 2016

Our Dear Martha

Life just has a way of blessing you - in the common, every day relationships with people who are like undercurrents of goodness.
They're there near the surface, never attracting attention, but impacting circumstances and people and situations in powerful and meaningful ways.

That's how it is with my friend, our dear friend - Martha.
She's Mrs. K___ to my girls.
She's someone I don't want to be standing behind in heaven when any "high fives" might be given.
Surely Martha K. will finish off the rest of the batch that might've been available for others or for me.

She's THAT wonderful.

I'm not quite sure how I ended up being so fortunate as to spend my working/adult life with her, but no doubt I'm a better person because I did.
Because of her.

Martha was our beloved school Librarian. She is every aspect of that job description.
Understanding with little ones....and BIG ones who need her help. That would be the teachers. That would be me.
She's unselfish, helpful, and a few 100 other words that would match this list in any thesaurus.

She retired a while back.

I feel sure I've never seen her without her classic smile.
It's part of her natural beauty, and she's always quick to share it.
That smile and all of her charm must've been what captured her hubbie's heart back in the days.
I believe their story is one of the great love stories of the ages.

I saw Martha and Steve riding in their car - years ago.
He was driving. She was the passenger, and honestly they looked as intrinsically happy as any husband and wife could ever be.
They enjoy each other, value each other, support each other...and I'm certain the joy of their relationship has obviously grown deeper through the years.
They're precious together.

And they've been so kind to my little family.
They've touched our hearts in ways that have meant so much to the girls and to me.

They've sent us the sweetest cards, the kindest notes....and reached out to my 3 Asian angels in such personable and meaningful ways.

We have the sweetest books that Martha has gifted to us - with short, written notes....dates noted (Christmas, 2010), and the price "area" cut off at an angle.
I think that's her signature move...that cuttin' the price part off at an angle. LOL.

But I'm so blessed, my girls are so incredibly blessed by all the kindness that Martha and hubbie have sent our way.
And her mother.
Martha's adorable mother. She's in heaven, but even now the special-ness of meeting her and being around her, too, was a gift in itself.

As we continue on our China journey through life - with me being an older mom of younger children from another country - I can easily say...this road has been a better one because of dear, dear friends like Martha and her family.

We love ya forever! 
Can't wait to visit with you soon.

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