Monday, August 8, 2016

Sunday Summer Wish List Event - Go to Cookie's House

This is NOT her house.
It's the playhouse her daddy built for her when she was little. 
He moved to heaven when she was young.

Years ago, Cookie went back to her hometown to attempt to buy the playhouse -- where it had been all these many years.

The property owner - who lived out of state - would not take action on her behalf.

Long story short -- an outreach ministry for people in need eventually bought the property.
Cookie had long time been donating money to support THAT ministry.

They GAVE her the playhouse!

Her hubbie had to disassemble it and rebuild it in the town/yard where she's (now) been living for many years.

It's a God story.

Gosh...her friendship is a God story.

The girls, Nanny Carol, and I traveled to see our dear - very southern belle with a go getter attitude - friend and her husband.

We all ate Sunday lunch (after church) at her house - drank tea, ate a petit four, walked, talked, and shared.

A day to refresh the soul....

This is Cookie's kitchen.
Vintage gone to seed.
Love it!

An outside area in Cookie's yard - whimsical 

We later ate ice cream frim a vintage 1950's ice cream stand.

Memories made!

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