Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Key broken off in front door deadbolt
We're just locking the doorknob.

Garage door doorknob won't turn.
I've resorted to duck tape simply so we can use the door.

Never mind that the dishwasher no longer works as of 2 weeks ago. Ka-put!

And while I'm at it -- our A/C unit had to be totally replaced. Nice.
As Mary said, "It's sooo shiny."
Uh huh! It is indeed.

BUT - not complaining.
These are THINGS that can and will be replaced.
THINGS that can be fixed.

I don't put these types of circumstances at a high priority level.
Well....having cool air inside in the sunny south this summer DID come in handy.

I grew up hand washing dishes.
I can do it again for a while.

Both doors DO lock...with 1 of the 2 locks on the doors.

Looks like we'll be chatting up the folks at Lowe's -- at some point.

It's all good.

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