Saturday, August 13, 2016

Birthday Party for Jenna - Emoji Theme

Too adorable!

The precious birthday girl is the cutie patootie with gray top and glasses.
We love her family!!!

Julie, Jenna's mom, and I were together when I got the call in 2005 that my international adoption agency would accept me in a "singles slot" for their agency -- so I could pursue adoption.

Very FEW singles were allowed to adopt "back in the day". It was a lottery-type system....or maybe quota-system is a better term.

A single mom could NOT just apply for a Chinese adoption - per CCAA Chinese regulations.
Their name might be placed on a list with their chosen American adoption agency...but only a few slots could be given to singles per year.

I spoke with agency officials -- in another state) via telephone conferences. I understood they'd open the yearly window to accept around 3 applications for the whole YEAR. 
Maybe less.
I told them, "If it's first come, first served....then I'm going to sit on your doorsteps the entire month of January if that's what it takes."

I also had to convince them I wasn't crazy as I made that statement.

There were no openings for singles that time of the year.

But then....
But God...
They called me after school one day. It just so happens I was meeting with Julie -- mom to LITTLE Jenna (toddler).
I rarely saw Julie., but she had helped guide me along the way with adoption advice.
And here I was with her when the agency called me.

What'd they say to me?
"One of the singles who contemplated adoption is relinquishing her slot due to personal reasons. We're calling to ask if you'd like to have that slot?"

Does the Pope wear a dress?!

Julie -- or I -- called Jane.
She came over to Julie's -- where I was.
Jane brought toddler Anna....the sweet girl to the right of Jenna in above picture.
We just sat around and talked - awed by the change of events now beginning in my life.

That flood of feelings -- I can almost feel it now as I type about that memorable moment.

It truly was a miracle.
"Bless the Lord
Oh my soul
and all that is within me.
Bless His holy name."
(Psalms 103)

Back to the skating party for Jenna....

I stayed beside Molly the entire time, but she's gotten independent at skating. 
I need to take the girls to the rink sometime.
Molly WILL be zooming Lockett split.
Mary was fearless and had a blast.
Emily skates well - slow and steady.

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