Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Days

Chase and Mary....waaaaay past a kiddie 
We had Nanny Carol over to spend the night -- and had a pajama night party --
-- Watched back to back Little House episodes
-- Ate tons of watermelon
-- Cooked grass fed beef hamburgers with Ezekiel bread "buns"
-- drank our homemade Kombucha (yummy)
-- stayed up late/slept late say the least!
We seized the opportunity when we had a chance.

Mary in her Goodwill $3.00 Doc McStuffin skates and $40.00 + tax perfectly fitted helmet from bike specialty store

Molly and Emily have helmets from the same store.
Mary will soon come off of training wheels SOOOOO we needed a "for real" safety helmet --straps adjusted, knob control in tact, full tutorial (for me) on exactly HOW it needs to fit her.

I get watermelons from an area in our state that is known for SWEET ones.
They don't disappoint.

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RamblingMother said...

What fun days and memory making