Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kitties, Kids, and Kombucha Time Once More

Mary's at the table working on her "homeschooling"
a.k.a. Summer reading, math, thinking

She's finished 70-ish books so far.
Aiming for 100 - but NOT rigidly.
It's been fun!
Some short.
Some even shorter.
Some longer ones.

We LOVED the mango ones from 1st batch.
If-y on strawberry lemonade batch.
Not sweet at all. May have to find another strawberry juice (organic) to use.
They're somewhat vinegar-y tasting, but I DO like them.

I'm drinking these throwbacks so the girls can enjoy the "lemon" lemonade ones. 

This is a great process of producing and enjoying a healthy drink that we ALL enjoy.

The girls are rinsing supplies, cups, bottles in a vinegar bath.
Has to do with the PH level remaing at some level. 

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