Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cookie Treated Mary and Our Clan to a "Picture Show"

We are having Mary's bday celebration week.

Mary has only been to a movie 1x.
Molly's only been 2x.
Emily's not been many more times than that.

We saw Finding Dory.
It was sweet.
That picture of Dory is one I took of the screen.
I promise...I was very subversive with the phone out for just a second.
I didn't bother a soul.
There were likely not more than 10 folks in the theater....but lo and behold -- I knew one of them.
Sweet Natalie - from China.

There's Mary - watching and munching on popcorn.

Cookie and her crew 
Nanny Carol was with us, too.

Happy Bday Week, Mary!

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