Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Girls Helped Me As I Taught Mary's Sunday School Class

I was a sub teacher last Sunday.
I had super fabulous assistants.

At church, the "grace" I possess (when teaching) is for the very little ones.
As in - diapers or training pants
As in - let me have a boatload, and I can handle them all

I'm very much at ease with 0-3 year olds...maybe some 4 year olds when working with children at church.

Once they're school aged, uhmmmmm....too much of the teacher comes out in me.
Sooooo - I GLADLY work with the wee ones.

But on this day, Mary's SS teacher needed a sub and asked me to fill in.

Of course I'll do it.

This kind woman has invested herself, her time, her faith in my child.
She asked me.
I joyfully said yes.

We had a great time.
Learned about God's creations and how each and every aspect shows God's love for us and demonstrates His glorious majesty as our Creator.

This fall Emily and Molly will work through a science curriculum from Answers in Genesis. 
They'll learn how science supports the Bible and dig deeper into their own scientific understanding.
We are all soooo excited about the truths they'll be exposed to as they learn.

Geesh. I would LOVE to be working right alongside them.

How thankful we are that homeschooling provides Molly and Emily such rich opportunities to grasp spiritual concepts via educational experiences.

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