Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Before Supper...

Molly and Emily are making bday cards for Mary.
Her bday is this Thursday - 7/21.
She'll be 7 years old.
She's into major celebration this week 
continues to remind us of her upcoming momentous occasion!

We are eating WAY too late on our June-July schedule - cuz we're in our 'slow down' mode of the year.
But it sure is fun.

Hanging out - a lot of the time at home.
Choosing what we want to do.

Of course we are in the midst of 21-ish medical appointments and some work times for me...
But still....
Type days.

I was cooking supper while simultaneously rolling dice with Mary.

She thought it was so much fun to add up who had the highest number. 
Super way to practice math skills - quick counting. 

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