Sunday, July 17, 2016

Attended a Friday Luncheon

Melzana hosted Mrs. Harkins (Ann) and my crew to a quaint luncheon on Friday.

I taught Melzana's son and Ann's son and daughter.
Precious kids - grown and married.
Great families!
Long time ago, too.

Melzana is showing the girls a tin type family photo.

No one can tell exactly who or what is in the photo, tho.
Still a learning experience for my girls.

Ann told stories of how "Sister" was kissed by Elvis Presley when she was young.
On the cheek
At Graceland

"Sister" is the name she called her sister.
Southern-ness at its best.
I love it.
Don't think I ever heard what the sibling's real name is.

Ann - with her quick wit and inviting personality - had my girls entertained the entire time.

When it was nearing time to leave, Melzana offered a to-go bag of our luncheon foods.....naming stuffed eggs, finger sandwiches, etc.
Mary was in the kitchen with her.
Little M told Mrs. Melzana, "That's okay. We'll just take brownies!"
I bellowed out from the other room, " not listen to her."

Friday night, Family Night, Em designed our agenda and menu....with luncheon leftovers and a touch of our Asian flare dish - fried rice.
Mary's coveted brownies, too!!

Seems there's more than one way to spell pimento/pemiento. 
Sorta like poinsettia.
Where does that 'i' near the end of the word come from?
** I know. Sentence ending in a preposition. Don't care. **

This was a great afternoon of what I call
"gleaning from multi-generational relationships".
Rich and memorable!!

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