Friday, July 29, 2016

Field Trip - Out and About in the South

Travel time - day trip
To a restaurant where you pay on the honor system
No cashier 
Jeepers -- no cash register 

Beautiful location - small town America

Ma. Thelma - one of the cooks
All yummy!!

Nanny Carol joined us for our outing.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lu Lu - Just Hangin' Out

That's Silly Lu Lu - hanging over the guard railing on Emily's top bunk.

Miss Mary's bunk is below.
Molly's bed is to the side.
You might say we are COZY in our little home.

Sister Mary wrote herself a note as a reminder to use the bathroom before going to bed.
It's posted on the bed frame.

Too may o's and not enough for e's...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Nanny Carol Reading After Sunday Dinner

There's a lot of Espanol in this kiddie book.
Kinda funny and cute.
Nanny Carol got an A+ on her Spanish accent.

We're sorta out of season...but we love books.
Read On!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Big Girls Helped Me As I Taught Mary's Sunday School Class

I was a sub teacher last Sunday.
I had super fabulous assistants.

At church, the "grace" I possess (when teaching) is for the very little ones.
As in - diapers or training pants
As in - let me have a boatload, and I can handle them all

I'm very much at ease with 0-3 year olds...maybe some 4 year olds when working with children at church.

Once they're school aged, uhmmmmm....too much of the teacher comes out in me.
Sooooo - I GLADLY work with the wee ones.

But on this day, Mary's SS teacher needed a sub and asked me to fill in.

Of course I'll do it.

This kind woman has invested herself, her time, her faith in my child.
She asked me.
I joyfully said yes.

We had a great time.
Learned about God's creations and how each and every aspect shows God's love for us and demonstrates His glorious majesty as our Creator.

This fall Emily and Molly will work through a science curriculum from Answers in Genesis. 
They'll learn how science supports the Bible and dig deeper into their own scientific understanding.
We are all soooo excited about the truths they'll be exposed to as they learn.

Geesh. I would LOVE to be working right alongside them.

How thankful we are that homeschooling provides Molly and Emily such rich opportunities to grasp spiritual concepts via educational experiences.

Mary was hand feeding Chase and Peanut (rescue dogs - had them for years). While down on the floor, she used the dog food to design a "camel with one hunk".

She grabs her tamari sauce (for noodles) 
from the"cav-net".

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Princess in Pink Gingham


It's been a lovely week.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Last Night as a 6 Year Old

Posing with Ann's bouquet gift
In front of my shabby chique- paint chipped door
That is part of my bedroom decor

It's been a great year, Miss Mary.
Next year will be even better!

Ms. Fran - Our Neighbor from New Jersey

Ms. Fran came by and blessed us with her sweet smile and northern accent.

The other day our friend Anne B. sent a small bouquet of zinnias to my girls with the message, "Bless someone with these."

** Thank YOU, Anne! ** to Ms. Fran's house they went.
She's a gentle and soft-spoken woman.
A widow.
A treasured friend and neighbor.

Mary received a big bday bag with bubbles, Princess tiara, and cookies.

This kind soul gave all 3 of my girls a card -- with a 20.00 bill inside each card.

Such an angel!
We love her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cookie Treated Mary and Our Clan to a "Picture Show"

We are having Mary's bday celebration week.

Mary has only been to a movie 1x.
Molly's only been 2x.
Emily's not been many more times than that.

We saw Finding Dory.
It was sweet.
That picture of Dory is one I took of the screen.
I promise...I was very subversive with the phone out for just a second.
I didn't bother a soul.
There were likely not more than 10 folks in the theater....but lo and behold -- I knew one of them.
Sweet Natalie - from China.

There's Mary - watching and munching on popcorn.

Cookie and her crew 
Nanny Carol was with us, too.

Happy Bday Week, Mary!

Before Supper...

Molly and Emily are making bday cards for Mary.
Her bday is this Thursday - 7/21.
She'll be 7 years old.
She's into major celebration this week 
continues to remind us of her upcoming momentous occasion!

We are eating WAY too late on our June-July schedule - cuz we're in our 'slow down' mode of the year.
But it sure is fun.

Hanging out - a lot of the time at home.
Choosing what we want to do.

Of course we are in the midst of 21-ish medical appointments and some work times for me...
But still....
Type days.

I was cooking supper while simultaneously rolling dice with Mary.

She thought it was so much fun to add up who had the highest number. 
Super way to practice math skills - quick counting. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Attended a Friday Luncheon

Melzana hosted Mrs. Harkins (Ann) and my crew to a quaint luncheon on Friday.

I taught Melzana's son and Ann's son and daughter.
Precious kids - grown and married.
Great families!
Long time ago, too.

Melzana is showing the girls a tin type family photo.

No one can tell exactly who or what is in the photo, tho.
Still a learning experience for my girls.

Ann told stories of how "Sister" was kissed by Elvis Presley when she was young.
On the cheek
At Graceland

"Sister" is the name she called her sister.
Southern-ness at its best.
I love it.
Don't think I ever heard what the sibling's real name is.

Ann - with her quick wit and inviting personality - had my girls entertained the entire time.

When it was nearing time to leave, Melzana offered a to-go bag of our luncheon foods.....naming stuffed eggs, finger sandwiches, etc.
Mary was in the kitchen with her.
Little M told Mrs. Melzana, "That's okay. We'll just take brownies!"
I bellowed out from the other room, " not listen to her."

Friday night, Family Night, Em designed our agenda and menu....with luncheon leftovers and a touch of our Asian flare dish - fried rice.
Mary's coveted brownies, too!!

Seems there's more than one way to spell pimento/pemiento. 
Sorta like poinsettia.
Where does that 'i' near the end of the word come from?
** I know. Sentence ending in a preposition. Don't care. **

This was a great afternoon of what I call
"gleaning from multi-generational relationships".
Rich and memorable!!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kitties, Kids, and Kombucha Time Once More

Mary's at the table working on her "homeschooling"
a.k.a. Summer reading, math, thinking

She's finished 70-ish books so far.
Aiming for 100 - but NOT rigidly.
It's been fun!
Some short.
Some even shorter.
Some longer ones.

We LOVED the mango ones from 1st batch.
If-y on strawberry lemonade batch.
Not sweet at all. May have to find another strawberry juice (organic) to use.
They're somewhat vinegar-y tasting, but I DO like them.

I'm drinking these throwbacks so the girls can enjoy the "lemon" lemonade ones. 

This is a great process of producing and enjoying a healthy drink that we ALL enjoy.

The girls are rinsing supplies, cups, bottles in a vinegar bath.
Has to do with the PH level remaing at some level. 

Mary's Chinese Panda Bear - Framed Art at Our House

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Go into all the world...."

Huge granite (?) sphere being held afloat with water underneath 
Very nifty science demo

Love the scripture - Matthew 28:19 - engraved into the base 
"Go into all the world and make disciples..."

Emily was snuggling with her kitty in bed and said, "She is full blooded black."

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dressed Like Cows...Chick-Fil-A

Aren't their outfits precious?!
Emily and Molly put them together.
Marlene gave us these tee shirts over a year ago. We've been waiting to put them to good use.

Well. Today was the day.
Cow Appreciation day at Chick-Fil-A -
Free entrees for 2 older girls, Nanny Carol, and me
Free kids meal for Mary
Free ice cream -- when we traded in unopened duplicate books (in wrappers) from previous kids meals

I love free!
Heck - I love Chick-Fil-A.

Mom and I had on black tees (of course) with white spots.
The place was packed.
Friendly, friendly bunch of employees.

Great family fun

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Glorious Garden Beauty!

Happy Birthday, Ms. Ouida -- 99 Years Young

This fiesty chick is sharp as a tack!
It was an honor to go and celebrate her big day - a surprise party hosted by her daughter, Kay.
She's young lookin' too.
These people have good genes run nun' in their family.

Ms. Ouida is only in a wheelchair cuz she had surgery.
She'll be up at it in no time.

Prayer warrior.
Influential in the lives of those who know her.

Nanny Carol was with us, too.
She and Ms. Ouida were in a prayer group together years ago. That's the connection of how we know the birthday girl.

It was a delightful time to gather among ones and old.

Met a dear named Ms. Charlotte who epitomizes southern charm and etiquette. Found out she's a holy roller like us. I'd a never guessed it but am thrilled to make her acquaintance. Hope to see her again.

A church pianist played Amazing Grace as we all sang along.
Ate chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, strawberries, ice cream, and cupcakes.
Drank one of those ginger ale punches that are refreshingly tasty on a hot summer day like today.

Can't wait to join the gang again next year for Ms. Ouida's 100th year celebration.
It'll be another wonderful time with dear friends!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Making FUN Happen

The girls and I have long been talking about going to ride a carousel that we'd heard about.
It only costs 1.00/rider for 4 minutes....and the proceeds go to a children's charity.

Can't get any better than that, huh?

We took a spin this afternoon and headed to ride the "notable" carousel.

It's gorgeous!
I was told it came to the U.S. from sections (obviously) that had to be assembled. 
I can't fathom that.
It's so ornate and in tip top shape.
It's also huge.

The girls rode one time, and then I joined them for another 4 minutes.

We enjoyed talking to the lady retiree operator of the carousel (for 12 years).  
It's her part time job for pay.

She was very interested in hearing about the girls - their adoptions.
Very complimentary and seemingly "touched" by our adventures in life.

I mean there was circus music playing - nifty!

We then bought and split 2 high falootin' cupcakes and drank free lemonade.

Talk about summer memories....we're making them!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Double batch of Kombucha going now...
Whoo hoo!

I think these 2 flavors will be strawberry lemonade and peach...from organic juices we bought on sale.
I set up a bubble tub for Mary while the big girls bottled Kombucha.
I had too much water and not enough Dawn and glycerine.
I'll add more soap and glycerine (makes the bubbles really strong) once I get back to the store to buy some.